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Climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

Currently, existing supply chains are not sustainable. Companies that want to fit into the framework of the green revolution are forced to establish sustainable business processes.

Increase availability of green solutions

Enable the integration of green solutions into production processes of large companies by implementing the principles of circular bioeconomy on a global scale.

Adjustment towards EU regulations

Most businesses are too slow at adapting to regulations. What they need is an easy way to find green solutions and modernize their production processes.

Tondu paves the path to sustainable business operations

Transitioning towards green solutions is oftentimes hindered by lack of time, resources and cooperation between industry sectors. Large corporations are known to pour a sizable portion of their funds into searching for innovations in their field, while the smaller organizations face the problem of market competition. Tondu aims to ensure the sustainable future of modern industries through transformation of current supply chains by application of circular bioeconomy principles to existing workflows.

Sustainability assessment

By profiling your company and production processes, we assess your impact on the environment. Through continuous monitoring of regulations, we evaluate the compliance of your business processes with regulations.

Encouraging cross-sectoral cooperation

The lack of networking in the industry is an obstacle to business sustainability. We make connections with the companies that help you complete the green cycle.

Finding green solutions and database scanning

We help you find the best green solutions, whether you want to modify existing processes or set up new ones. Tondu provides access to an extensive database of business processes and green solutions.

Client discovery

While you focus on the development and product quality, Tondu takes care of the first steps for you and connects you with potential customers.

Want to contribute to making the world more sustainable?

Did you know that in the EU industry 70% of pollutants are small and medium-sized enterprises (99% of the EU economy), while the remaining 30% are produced by only a few large enterprises? Do you want to know more about EU efforts and initiatives that promote sustainable technologies?

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We are Unique

The first independent platform promoting sustainable development

All in One Place

Search Europe’s extensive green business database

Circular Bioeconomy

Working with the primary goal of securing a greener future of our society


Custom tailored consulting services for reducing your environmental impact

Data Oriented

We provide continuous analysis of business and regulatory frameworks

Modern approach

Solving problems by leveraging interdisciplinary teams and approaches

Milena Jenić

Milena Jenić


Team Lead

Vera Vrbanić

Vera Vrbanić

mag. psych.

Market research and data analysis

Matija Salopek

Matija Salopek

mag. pharm.

Data management and solution architecture

Ivona Bosanac

Ivona Bosanac

mag. ing. hort.

Social media management

Brigitta Cafuta

Brigitta Cafuta

mag. oec.

Marketing and finance


Start-up incubator helping students and young entrepreneurers build their ideas into successful businesses.

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Laboratory researching sustainable technologies in agriculture, food industry and biotechnology.

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Company specialized in developing and deploying technological solutions steming from circular bioeconomy.

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Research project for developing farming solutions based on modern robotics achievements.

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Leading Croatian company focusing on implementing sustainable technologies into agriculture.

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Croatian company developing green chemistry colutions for sustainable agricultural production.

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