Tondu - Dare to Go Greener!

The first B2B circular economy marketplace in Croatia.

Tondu makes finding customers that can use your buyproducts easy. We track your byproducts for you and make sure you are compliant with all the relevant regulations.

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About Us

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What is our Purpose?

Marketplaces dealing with industrial byproducts are the foundations of modern circular economy.

Companies aiming to integrate principles of circular economy are faced with the challenges of regulatory compliance and the lack of professional guidance when adapting their production processes.

Tondu strives to simplify and democratize the trading of industrial byproducts and ease regulatory compliance overheads.

circular economy

Tondu is a pioneer platform dedicated to trading of industrial byproducts. Finding new customers has never been easier.


Buying and selling buyproducts is governed by various regulatory directives (at least in Croatia). Tondu provides a framework that ensures compliance with the quality standards specified for various byproducts and eases tracking.

about Circular Economy

Tondu provides insights into the existing marketplace and aims to uncover the true potential of circular economy.

What we offer

Marketplace specialized for byproducts

Advertise your byproducts and accept offers from other companies. The market will forme the prices - choose the one that best suits your needs.

Track your byproducts

Track all data about your byproducts, the state of the market and get notifications about related product offers and relevant companies.

Manage your documentation

We allow you to keep all your documentation in one place. Tondu makes it effortless to generate and submit the required forms and reports.

Control yor regulatory compliance

Every advert on the platform is checked for regulatory compliance and quality standards. Only fully compliant advers can receive offers from companies.

Cooperate with others

Cooperation between companies is the foundation of circular economy. Connect with similar companies or companies that know how to use your byproducts.

Find transporters

Connect with certified transporters and check the current prices of transportation services. Receive notifications about transporters and special offers.


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